Agent Partnership Program


Vic Fisher APP (Agent Partnership Program) allows captive agents a trusted partner for referring business they are unable to place or do not have market for.  One of the most difficult circumstances agents face is when a customer has insurance needs they can not place.  Agents are faced with 2 options.  Let the customer figure it out themselves (wrong) or refer to another agent, hoping they will not try and steal/write all lines of the customers business.

The Agent Partnership Program provides the 3rd and correct solution.  Everyone wins and the Client/Agent relationship is protected. Agents can confidently refer lines of insurance they cannot write  or place with the knowledge there will be no competition for the client relationship.  We provide agents with surety that we will not pursue your clients beyond the line of insurance that was referred.  Furthermore, we will refuse to write additional lines for the client without direct consent from our Vic Fisher APP partner.

We see this program as a win/win/win.  The client gets the line of insurance they need, the agent keeps their relationship and standing with the client, and Vic Fisher APP has the opportunity to write that piece of business.

We have participated in successful relationships with captive Agents from State Farm, Nationwide, Allstate, and Liberty Mutual.

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The Vic Fisher Agency has taken care of my family for over 25 years, whether my home or cars. I have always known I could trust them. - Steve T., Raleigh
Steve T. – Raleigh
When I moved to Raleigh, I needed an agent that could handle all of my insurance needs. Daniel at Vic Fisher was able to set up my home, cars, and business insurance to make sure I was well covered. - Eric H., Raleigh
Eric H. – Raleigh
I needed Life Insurance for my family, and was able to get what I needed at the right price. - Jorge, Cary
Jorge – Cary
Health Insurance is a huge deal for my family. So is the costs. I was able to purchase a BCBSNC family plan from Vic Fisher Insurance for considerably less than the current plan we had. The service was great as well. - Scott K., Durham
Scott K. – Durham
My business involves real estate, and I don't have the time to try and figure everything out. The Vic Fisher Agency has helped manage my insurance and help me make informed decisions as my business grows. They seem to have my best interest in mind. -Chris C., Raleigh
Chris C. – Raleigh
I am concerned over what to do with my IRA in my retirement years. They showed me the annuity options as a real answers to my dilemna. I was shown I could still make money without risk, and provide a death benefit for my wife. - Charles C., Cary
Charles C.- Cary